Best Women's Shoes

What are the best shoes for women

My review of this wonderful shoe

First impression The first sight of this shoe made me fond of it. Isn’t it special and original? With the contract stich detailing, it back to basics,more like handcrafted and valuable ,i really delighted by this earthy look. Made of leather and crepe sole, which is firm enough to go faraway. The low heel is […]

I like this boot,see why

I’m always looking for the shoes which are beautiful.durable,suitable,and stylish. Now i think i got it. Its merits look at this Christine Club boot,the upper is made of leather,the sole rubber. It reaches the maximum comfort and reliability as it is designed according to ergonomics. The shaft to arch is about 5.5inches, heel for 1 […]

My review of this slip-on

First impression Always on high-heels? Well, that’s must be suffering. Though the high-heels will make you looked higher, your legs looked longer, but we can’t wear it all the time . Think for our foot, our toes, they are always stuck in former half of the shoes , they are painful! Actually, the flats can […]

My review of the Sebago oxford shoes

Why i like it The balmoral lacing and the hollowing design give the shoes a androgynous look which is popular now. And with the leather somehow made the shoes classic and pricey. But you don’t need to worry about that, this fashion is affordable. I like the shoes very much and i will enjoy going […]

I like this Born Ashleigh shoes, read my review

Why it’s charming What a beautiful shoe ! Sweet and elegant. The contrasting colors looks full of special character. And the hollowing also let the shoe more elaborated and breathable. Large blocks of colors stitching together in rich details make the shoes more delicate and classic, meanwhile, the whole shoe is hand-crafted, so i can […]